We decided to set up this website so that we could provide financial information to people that need it. We know that there are a lot of people that struggle with their finances and we wanted to try to help with this. We realise that it is not always easy to understand finance though and many of us have had very little information about how to manage our finances and so do not even know the basics. We therefore decided to have information on our website which could help everyone and will address financial problems that people commonly have. This includes things like debts and savings and everything is put together in a simple way which should be accessible to everyone. We know that people have often had no formal education at all in finance and that is why we want to help out and make sure that people have a better understanding and get some tips that will be able to help them to improve their financial situation. We hope that we have covered topics that will appeal to a lot of people so that there will be a lot of interest and therefore lots of people will get a lot of help.